Consumer Alert About Our Competitors
At RVCOOL, we have been providing top quality cooling units and great customer service for 20 years now. In that time, we have seen many new competitors enter the cooling unit market and I have seen several, sadly, leave the industry. I welcome a good competitor that offers good products and customer service at a fair price. I welcome a competitor that adds value to this industry that has been my life for 20 plus years now. While I do have some really good competitors in this industry, I have a few that are really making a bad name for us all. Below is a list and some of my comments about these individuals' businesses. All info provided is offered as public record with the Arkansas BBB and the Arkansas Attorney General's Office.




 Jerry Collins and his brother James Brandon Collins  run NUCOLD aka RVIceBox aka RV Cool Fridge aka Freez-it and now going by THE FRIDGE HOUSE Update: January 2017 Arkansas Attorney General Files a Lawsuit to shut this Bad Business Down!!!  The Arkansas BBB has filed and "Alert" on this business. It states: This business has a pattern of complaints concerning non-delivery of products ordered and paid for. Consumers typically complain they order  and pay for a cooling unit from the business, but the units are never delivered or money returned and the business wont answer or return phone calls. The company has not responded to many of the complaints submitted to the BBB. It goes on to say customers needing to file complaints on this company may also contact the Arkansas Attorney General office at 501-682-2007....

Nucold/RVIcebox  has 70 complaints filled with the BBB in last 3 years, 36 in the last 12 months.

I get soooo many call from their customers and the biggest complaint I see is they paid with a "check by phone" and now they can't get their money back.

What is more disturbing is that the Attorney General of Arkansas and  Arkansas BBB got together with Channel 7 KATV News in Little Rock and did a "Seven on your Side" investigation for consumer fraud just a few months ago called "Don't get Hooked" (see link below and watch video).



Don't Get Hooked: RV Icebox - KATV - Breaking News, Weather and ...

Oct 2, 2013 ... Seen On 7 ... 31 customers of Nucold Refrigeration or R-V Icebox have ... Lana
Fahrenwald of Arizona writes "I sure wish I had searched your ...



NuCold Refrigeration, Inc. - Better Business Bureau






 Formerly World Class RV Refrigeration in Plumerville, AR. World Class was Operated by Ronnie, Greg and Chris Rogers. The company filed bankruptcy in May 2013 and quit using the World Class name. Within a couple months, they re-opened in Greenbrier, AR just down the road from me, listing Greg Rogers as the owner and alleging that Ronnie is no longer with the business.. Same people, Same equipment, Same customer service, just new name and location and new BBB rating. At the time they filed bankruptcy and "closed," they had 46 complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years. 25 of those in the last 12 months. I guess I would change my name too, if I had a reputation like that. I can't tell you the number of calls I had when they shut, from people looking for them. Some said they sent units in for warranty and now can't get ahold of them, some ordered units and never received. My phone rang off the hook for months.

What concerns me now is they have only been re-opened for a 6 months and already have 14 new complaints filed with the Arkansas BBB and an F rating. Now they are selling their units cheaper and cheaper, undercutting me every day. Why, I guess, they are desperate for business. But I want people to know who they are dealing with. We aren't the cheapest, but we build a solid quality unit and we have a track record for running an honest business.

Here are links to RV Fridge Store and World Class RV Fridge. Note there is an "alert" issued by the BBB for both business names and the BBB discusses how they are linked together.


The RV Fridge Store, LLC - Better Business Bureau