Frequently Asked Questions


Question:  Are the prices on this website for the complete refrigerator?
Answer:  No. We only sell the replacement cooling units for rv refrigerators. The metal coils on the back of your rv refrigerator are removable so if the cooling unit goes out you can replace just the coils without having to buy a new refrigerator.


Question:  Do you sell cooling units for the "DE" norcolds?
Answer:  No. We specialize in rebuilding ammonia cooling units for rv refrigerators that are powered by electric or propane. The "DE" units use freon refrigerant.


Question:  If I order a cooling unit from you can I install the unit myself?
Answer: Most people with average mechanical ability and a basic set of hand tools can change the cooling unit in there refrigerator in a few hours.


Question:  How hard is it to install?
Answer: Well, changing the cooling unit isn't as difficult as it might appear. There are no special tools required, no welding or solder connections to make, the cooling units simply bolt to the back of the refrigerator.


Question:  Do you send installation instructions with the unit?
Answer: No. We have a special link on this website with the instructions for installing each cooling unit. You can view them here or print them, whichever you prefer, but we don't send paper instructions with the unit.


Question:  Do I have to send my old unit back for a core?
Answer: Yes, we require a core exchange for every unit we ship. We tie the warranty in with the core exchange, meaning, if we don't receive a core return we won't honor the warranty on the new cooling unit. It is important to us to get our cores back, that is how we are able to keep our inventory up and cost down.


Question:  How do I return the old unit?
Answer: You simply use the original box that the new unit arrived in to box the old unit. Then notify use that the core is ready to be picked up and we will send UPS to retrieve the box and return the core to us.


Question: Do you sell other parts for rv refrigerators beside the cooling unit?
Answer: No, because most of your local rv dealers will carry circuit boards, heating elements and other common parts for your refrigerator. Here, our business is remanufacturing the cooling units, that is what we specialize in and that's all we sell.