Smad 1.4 Cubic Feet RV Refrigerator Review: Reliable Cooling Solution

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For those in search of a dependable RV refrigerator, the Smad XC-40G presents a compelling option. Boasting a versatile 3-way power system that includes 12V, 110V, and LPG, this refrigerator integrates advanced absorption technology for robust cooling performance. Its lightweight, portable design with a 1.4 cubic feet capacity makes it ideal for travel, complemented by its compact dimensions of 18.3 x 18.1 x 22.2 inches and energy-efficient operation consuming 0.42 Kilowatt Hours. With a 30-Day Return Guarantee, product warranty on the Smad website, and accessible customer support, the Smad is a promising choice for RV enthusiasts seeking reliable refrigeration solutions. Discover more about its features and benefits to enhance your travel experience.
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  • 【RV Refrigerator 3 Way Power】Propane refrigerators off grid are powered in 3 different ways. 12V for RV, semi trucks or camping trips, 110V for home use, LPG is suitable for using when there is no electricity, giving you a variety of options.(The LPG gas pressure requirement is 2.8mbar) Note: Before operating the propane refrigerator, let it sit for 6-8 hours.
  • 【Compact RV Fridges】The 15.8x17.7x 25" lightweight size Propane Fridge is perfect for small spaces such as motorhomes and semi-trucks. The design of the reversible door allows your mini refrigerator to have more choices in the direction of door opening.
  • 【Portable 12v Refrigerator】The RV refrigerator has good cooling feature ,and can control the temperature from 32 to 50℉. 1.4 cu. ft space can hold fresh fruits, vegetables, chees, bread or refrigerated drinks you need. The drawer on the inside of the fridge door comes with 2 protection frame to prevent drinks from falling during movement, all the space design is just to make your journey more convenient.
  • 【Super Quiet & Energy-Saving】The semi truck fridge features an advanced absorption refrigeration system that is silent at 0db and will not disturb your sleep, work or reading. There is no freon and pollution in the refrigeration process, providing you with a quiet and healthy green environment.
  • 【Durable Camper Refrigerator】The gas refrigerator uses an absorption refrigeration machine, free of parts wear and easy to maintain, with a long service life. We stand behind our products and take pride in providing exceptional customer service. You can contact us at any time through Amazon or the official website.(Smod is Smad's distributor)

Product Features and Highlights

Compact and efficient, the Smad RV Refrigerator boasts a versatile 3-way power system and advanced absorption technology for excellent cooling performance. With power options of 12V, 110V, and LPG, this refrigerator is not only lightweight and portable but also guarantees a quiet and energy-saving operation. The durable construction, coupled with the advanced absorption refrigeration system, promises reliable cooling wherever you go. The Smad is designed to be a reliable companion for your RV adventures, offering a 1.4 cubic feet capacity and automatic defrost feature for added convenience. Its compact design and freestanding installation type make it a practical choice for maximizing space efficiency in your RV kitchen.

Technical Specifications and Details

With precise dimensions and a weight of 38 pounds, the Smad RV Refrigerator offers a wide range of technical details for potential buyers to contemplate. Here are some key specifications and details:
  1. Dimensions: 18.3 x 18.1 x 22.2 inches
  2. Capacity: 1.4 Cubic Feet
  3. Energy Consumption: 0.42 Kilowatt Hours
These specifics provide insight into the size, storage capacity, and energy efficiency of the refrigerator, aiding consumers in making an informed decision. The compact design, along with its low energy consumption, makes the Smad an attractive option for RV owners seeking a reliable and efficient refrigeration solution.

Warranty and Support Information

Providing reassurance and assistance to customers, the warranty and support information for the Smad RV Refrigerator guarantees peace of mind and reliable service options. Customers can benefit from’s voluntary 30-Day Return Guarantee and access the product warranty through the Smad official website. This assures that any issues or concerns regarding the refrigerator can be promptly addressed, fostering trust and satisfaction among users. For further details on warranty coverage and support services, customers are encouraged to visit the official Smad website or contact customer support for personalized assistance.
Warranty & Support Information Details
Return Guarantee 30-Day Return Guarantee
Product Warranty Available on Smad website

Frequently Asked Questions

Can the Smad RV Refrigerator Be Used in a Boat or Marine Environment?

Yes, the Smad refrigerator can be used in a boat or marine environment. Its versatile 3-way power options (12V, 110V, LPG) make it suitable for various settings, including boats, providing efficient cooling and convenience.

Can the Smad Refrigerator Work Off-Grid or Camping?

The Smad RV refrigerator is suitable for off-grid living or camping due to its 3-way power options (12V, 110V, LPG), compact design, and energy-saving features. It offers portable cooling with a durable absorption system.

How does the Smad Refrigerator adjust to temperature changes?

The Smad RV refrigerator effectively manages temperature fluctuations in diverse climates or environments due to its advanced absorption refrigeration system. This characteristic guarantees consistent cooling performance, making it suitable for various off-grid living or camping scenarios.

Can extra shelves or accessories be bought for the Smad Refrigerator?

Additional shelves and accessories for the Smad model are not available for purchase separately. The refrigerator comes with 1 shelf, 2 door bins, and an adjustable foot as included components. For customization, users may explore aftermarket options.

What maintenance tips ensure optimal Smad Refrigerator performance?

For peak performance and longevity of the refrigerator, it is advised to routinely clean the interior, inspect and replace seals if necessary, defrost as needed, keep vents unobstructed, and guarantee proper leveling. Follow manufacturer guidelines for maintenance.


To sum up, the Smad RV Refrigerator stands out as a reliable and efficient cooling solution for travel enthusiasts. With its versatile power options, compact design, and advanced absorption refrigeration system, this refrigerator offers convenience and performance on the go. Backed by warranty support and a voluntary return guarantee, RV owners can trust in the quality and durability of this top choice appliance.

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