How to Keep RV Refrigerator Door Closed While Traveling: Secure Methods

securing rv refrigerator door

To maintain your RV refrigerator door secure while on the move, try these methods. Install a child safety lock, a quick and affordable solution for peace of mind. Use a bungee cord for adjustable and reliable hold. Place cushions or wedges strategically to prevent accidental openings. Regularly check the door seal for wear and tear to uphold a proper closure. Confirm your RV is level to prevent unexpected door openings. These steps will help safeguard your food and drinks during travel. For more on guaranteeing a tight seal for your refrigerator, explore additional strategies for worry-free journeys.

Child Safety Lock Installation

To guarantee your RV refrigerator door stays closed securely during travel, consider installing child safety locks. These locks are specifically designed to secure the refrigerator doors, preventing any accidental openings while you’re on the road.

The installation process is straightforward and can be done quickly, providing an effective solution to keep your fridge contents safe while traveling in your RV. Child safety locks offer an affordable and convenient way to make sure that your refrigerator doors remain closed and secure throughout your journey.

With these locks in place, you can have peace of mind knowing that your food and beverages will stay intact, making your travel experience more pleasant and worry-free.

Bungee Cord Securing Method

Considering an alternative method for securing your RV refrigerator doors while traveling, the bungee cord securing technique offers a simple and effective solution. This method involves using a bungee cord to create tension between the doors, ensuring they stay closed throughout your journey.

Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Adjustable: Bungee cords are flexible and can easily adapt to different door sizes and shapes.
  2. Affordable: This DIY solution is cost-effective and widely used among RV owners.
  3. Convenient: Bungee cords provide a reliable hold but can be quickly removed whenever you need to access the fridge.
  4. Reliable: The tension created by the bungee cord securely keeps the refrigerator doors closed, giving you peace of mind while on the road.

Cushion or Wedge Placement

cushion or wedge positioning

Placing cushions or wedges strategically between the RV refrigerator door and interior walls can effectively prevent unwanted opening during travel. Opt for non-slip rubber wedges or foam blocks to secure the door in place while on the move. These materials absorb vibrations and shocks, aiding in keeping the door shut throughout the journey.

Make sure the cushions or wedges are of the correct size and thickness to provide ample support. This method isn’t only cost-effective but also simple to implement, offering a customized solution for various RV fridge models.

Checking Door Seal Condition

After confirming that your RV refrigerator door is properly secured with cushions or wedges, the next step is to inspect the door seal for any wear or damage.

Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Check the condition of the door seal for signs of wear or damage.
  2. Confirm the door seal is clean and free from debris to maintain a proper seal.
  3. Look for gaps in the seal that may affect the door’s ability to close securely.
  4. Test the door seal by placing a dollar bill in the door and closing it to check for resistance.

Ensuring Refrigerator Levelness

leveling your refrigerator properly

To guarantee your RV refrigerator functions efficiently while traveling, maintaining proper levelness is essential. Uneven surfaces can cause the RV refrigerator door to swing open unexpectedly, which could lead to accidents.

Before securing the refrigerator door, use a leveling tool to make sure that your RV is parked on a flat surface. Adjust the RV leveling jacks or place blocks under the wheels to achieve a balanced position for the refrigerator.

It’s important to periodically check the levelness of the refrigerator during travel stops to prevent door issues and maintain the fridge’s efficiency. By balancing your RV refrigerator properly, you can ensure a smooth and safe journey without any unexpected surprises.

Benefits of a Tight Door Seal

Maintaining a tight door seal on your RV refrigerator offers several important benefits for food preservation and energy efficiency.

  1. Preserving Cold Air: A tight door seal prevents cold air from escaping, keeping internal temperatures consistent and your food fresh.
  2. Enhancing Food Freshness: By reducing exposure to external temperatures and humidity, a secure door seal helps preserve food quality.
  3. Improving Energy Efficiency: Minimizing air leakage through a tight seal enhances energy efficiency and extends the refrigerator’s lifespan.
  4. Preventing Frost Buildup: A tight seal prevents gaps that lead to frost buildup and condensation inside the refrigerator, ensuring peak performance.

Maintaining a secure door seal not only keeps your food fresh but also saves energy and prevents potential issues, making it an essential aspect of RV refrigerator maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Keep My RV Fridge Closed During Travel?

To keep your RV fridge closed during travel, use self-adhesive velcro straps or try a DIY bolt and knob system. Consider ‘fridge fixers’ for a secure closure. Prioritize safety by securing the doors.

How Do I Keep My RV Refrigerator on While Driving?

To maintain your RV refrigerator on while driving, consider installing a power inverter, using a generator, or opting for a propane-powered model. Guarantee proper ventilation for peak performance. With these options, you can travel worry-free with your fridge running.

How Can I Get My Refrigerator Door to Stay Closed?

To keep your refrigerator door closed while traveling, try using self-adhesive velcro straps or exploring alternative methods like a bolt and knob system. Consider specialized products like a ‘fridge fixer’ or DIY solutions such as bungee cords for a secure closure.

How Do You Secure a Refrigerator Door in an Rv?

To secure a refrigerator door in your RV, use self-adhesive velcro straps or explore alternative methods like threaded holes or a bolt and knob system. Consider specialized products for a reliable closure solution. Regular maintenance is key.


To sum up, keeping your RV refrigerator door closed while traveling is vital for safety and efficiency. Whether you choose to install a child safety lock, use a bungee cord, or simply check the door seal condition, taking these steps will guarantee your food stays fresh and secure during your journey.

By maintaining a tight door seal and ensuring levelness, you can prevent accidents and spoilage, making your RV travels worry-free and enjoyable.

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